Sarah Millar

It takes an exceptional person to navigate the delicate complexities of the human experience. With wisdom, humility and integrity, Angel encourages growth by reconnecting enquirers to their deepest truth. Without forceful instruction or persuasion, she inspires the innate sense of courage, trust and awareness that is alive and well within us all.

I believe the art of living comes from living a life aligned with your inherent, unhindered place of power. My experience with Angel has been an integral step towards my forward movement and peace. I give my deepest gratitude to her for the most profound, powerful and effective words I have ever received.

- Sarah Millar

Bob Colman

I first connected with Angel in England 17 years ago. For me, it was the beginning of an invaluable relationship.

At that time I was in the midst of great changes to my Business and personal life and needed an objective and mature presence to test out my plans, and an infusion of considered thought to help me carry them out. There are very few advisors I would turn to at such times—but, without doubt, Angel is one of them. She offers that unique gift which is difficult to explain until you have experienced it at first hand and reaped the benefits of your discovery of it.

If you believe, as I do, that certain people have a real and genuine access to intuitive knowledge, and can assist you at moments of need with an experienced interpretation of those options, then Angel will be of great and lasting benefit to your own Business and personal life.

- Bob Colman

Barb Weston

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Angel LaLiberte since 2003 and have gained valuable insight over the years from my consultations.

A high level of professionalism along with the natural gift of intuition is a wonderful combination to experience when having a consultation with Angel.

I recommend her services for insight into all aspects of your life.

- Barb Weston

Intuitive Consultancy